This blog will basically tell you to: eat green shit, avoid white stuff, read books instead of T.V at night, exercise at least 20 minutes a day, don’t buy stuff with long words in the ingredients that you don’t understand and can’t pronounce, breathe deep, let things go, take time to be alone, take time to truly be with people, listen, laugh, fail often (and be ok with that), find some sort of path to spirituality, and realize we are all going to die… so make shit weird, make shit fun, and live in this moment! These are the bullet points of what I have learned so far about how to live a healthier, happier life, and I will share all I learn with you in this blog…but it won’t be lady like.

I initially started this blog trying to be very proper about the whole thing. I wanted to sound smart and wise while telling everyone what I was learning about health.  I realized that was as boring as watching golf on T.V.  If you like watching golf on T.V. then you should try to write a proper blog, you might like it.  For me however, I decided to make this blog something I really liked writing, not something that felt like a chore, so this is the result of that mindset. You will still learn some fucking cool shit about food and health, but I am going to swear like a sailor while doing it because that is fun for me.  Plus, I have two little kids and never get to swear in my everyday life, I am always saying corny stuff like, “golly geez” and “what the nuts” instead of saying fuck, shit, dam, dickwod, or whatever… parenting is so hard.  This blog is where I can vent all the obscenities I have been holding in all day long while also giving you some valuable info about what to eat and do to live a healthier life both in the mind and body.

So for all you mother fuckers out there that want to get down with their inner organic hippie, lets grow that arm pit hair out and go all in! Seriously use organic paraben free deodorant it won’t give you cancer.