Carrots are sexy as fuck, I mean just look at them, if I were a vegetable I would want to look like a carrot.   Not only are they supremely good looking ,  it seems they do everything, so put a little cape on them and make this vegetable a super food!

Many of the health benefits that a carrot has is due to its high beta carotene and fiber content.  Beta carotene is one of the pigments in the carotenoid family, it is found in red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables.  There are over 600 different carotenoids and beta carotene is just one of them.  Carotenoids can not be made by our body, we need to eat or drink them, so food is a very important vehicle in this process.

The pigment beta carotene, is responsible for getting Vitamin A into our bodies.  Vitamin A does heaps of fabulous things like: helps prevent heart disease, lowers blood pressure,  helps prevent asthma and certain types of cancer, helps with vision by preventing cataracts and age related mascular degeneration and more.  Vitamin A also helps in the treatment of AIDS patients, epilepsy, depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s,  and a variety of skin disorders!  Holy moly right, what doesn’t this vegetable do?

I found the below article helpful and they have a long list of references at the bottom of the article which I also found interesting and validating that the article was well researched.  What I have written above are just the cliff notes, if you want to delve a bit deeper into the great world of the carrot, go for it 🙂

PHOTO – some fresh organic carrots I bought at the farmers market this past week.  I just liked the way they looked in the sink as their dirt was floating away in the water.


Super Carrots

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